Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Texture Paintings I Made this Past Week

These were 2 more paintings I did in the same week, with my sister. Making texture with molding paste. Very fun and very colorful , using Golden brand paints. These 2 paintings have great energy in them from the time we spent together making them. I will always treasure them.

Making Creatures with Nina 09

I have a renewed interest in mixed media . My sister came from California and she and I painted for a week together. Our 1st paintings being these Mythical Creatures. New species made up of parts of animals and plants collaged together.
I`ve been stuck artistically lately and she was able to give me a hand , so to speak, at getting back to it. As with writers getting writer`s block, artist`s get artist`s block and I`ve had it for awhile. Not the end of the world as I`m always looking to see if I`m to evolve.
I made the Red Lion Man and the Swan Boy. She made the Monkey Princess. I`m in the brown shirt she is in the black shirt.
It was great to make art with someone else, and I hope to do it again as soon as possible. We layered paint, collage pics,stamping. Added the creature on top. Most reactions are no reaction to these creatures. Like if you have nothing good to say , say nothing at all. But they were great in opening me up , like opening a window and clearing out the stuffiness in my brain.And they are FUN to make. Made me giggle at the many variations that can be put together and some look goofier than others.

Monkey Princess _ Nina

Swan Boy_Melanee

Red Lion Man