Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Sister Wrote About She & I on her Blog

Voices in My Big Head
Click on the Voices in my Head link above to see the blog post.

She put into words some of the amazing story she and I have been through in this last wonderful year of our lives. It`s been like nothing I`ve ever experienced. Both of us finding many of our answers to life`s mysteries, and then putting them into practice. It`s been great to have someone to share our experiences with , who understand`s this new way of being.
And art is a major part of the experience. It`s such a great teacher. It`s teaches, self worth, patience, courage, expression, creativity, integrity. It`s a place to be,(in the zone) is what I like to call it. It brings joy and happiness. The colors have just made me so happy, after using mostly historical colors for so many years, which I still like, but I was limiting myself to them. And when Nina came to visit, I was totally open to whatever she had to offer, as she was open to trying to paint in the 1st place, when I asked her about trying art again.I had no resistance, except one point when I thought I couldn`t do it and I wanted to go to bed and quit, and she wouldn`t let me. So many artists work alone, and that`s just been an accepted story, but the movement that seems to be spreading is to make art with others, whether it be in groups, classes, or online groups , friends getting together.
The teachers who teach techniques and share their knowledge are really doing so much more than they will ever know. It`s not a small thing you all are doing when you teach. Planting seeds all over the place that grow into beautiful things and experiences. You have helped my sister and I connect on a level that we might not have gone to if you hadn`t made available the classes you did . I thank you for that. Thank you Nina . I love you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I made the News ! Thank you Williamsport Sun Gazette !

Right hand corner of the front of the art section and a small write up with my name in big letters.

Article reads.....
Melanee Herrera`s artwork is on display at Harvest Artisan Cooperative 46.5 W.Fourth St.To see more of Herrera`s art , visit

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Texture Painting -Self Portrait?

I was painting this painting with the idea of the flow coming down from the circle in the upper left hand corner. I had painted it and worked way too many hours on it. But it still wasn`t right. My husband said , just make the next one the way you want it and let it be as is. I hung it and looked at it, and knew for sure it wasn`t right. So I took it back, reworked it and was so pleased with how it came out. I got a thought it should be called Self portrait......I thought how can it be self portrait, what I`m colorful? Nothing like arguing with your source...:-).
I hung it up again but decided I would try the circle in the bottom right corner instead, thinking the drips are falling from the top instead of dripping down. So I`m looking laying down, and my husband is looking too and says, it looks like there`s a person with their arms out,when you tilt your head to the left.
I saw too as he said it. I was so happy , a figure I hadn`t even tried for was there. Then I got the memory of self was me? yes, I recognized it at 1st because I`ve been working out at the gym and looking at the progress of my arms every so often holding my arms out at the sides like the painting. It even flows down to a wide body ,like I have, then goes on to the beautiful circle which I see as my source/God energy which I am connected to .
I saw it as a message of how my source sees me, beautiful , soaring, flying , free, yet connected to it. I was overwhelmed by the experience. What a gift, what an experience . Art =communication.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My ArtWork is in a Gallery! Harvest Gallery Williamsport ,Pa.

Here is my one of my newest collages, inspired by Teesha Moore. 12" x 12" on canvas. It`s at a gallery in downtown Williamsport called Harvest. I`ll have my work there for 3 months. 40 West 4th St.570-321-9900

This is a needle punch rug I designed and made to be framed. All wonderful shades of blues and greens.

A brick wall of some of my work, a set of 4 paintings that I showed on an earlier post here on this blog. And some of the collages.

Inside the Harvest Gallery , getting ready for the show that evening for 1st Friday.This is one of the store owners who makes her own glass beads.

This is another one of the owners who has Williamsport Frame Shop in this gallery.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Latest Textured Painting -October 09

I`m feeling very good painting with these vibrant colors. 12" x 16" Second photo is a close up of an area on the painting.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Princess Collage-Angelina

I took some watercolor paper and folded it in half and creased it with a bone folder. Took a happy photo of my Granddaughter Angelina and changed it to sepia tone in my photoshop type program. Then copied it with a copier that has permanent dye, like at Staples, etc. I ended up with this little painting of my Granddaughter, collaged and painted and stamped, and bejeweled. It was great fun!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blue Angel Painting

This is what came out as I painted , I didn`t start with an idea. It evolved into this. I love painting in these blues and greens. 12" x 16".

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Textured Abstract Paintings

I made these four 9" x 12" canvas paintings ,to go together on a wall, in any configuration. Bright colors playing off of each other, in an abstract yet balanced way.

This is a section close up. It`s hard to get an exact picture . I made lots of texture first,( very fun!), and then painted for days, about a week and a half I`ve been working on these ......until I got what I was happy with.

Thank you for looking. These are For Sale. Email me if you are interested.

Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Texture Paintings I Made this Past Week

These were 2 more paintings I did in the same week, with my sister. Making texture with molding paste. Very fun and very colorful , using Golden brand paints. These 2 paintings have great energy in them from the time we spent together making them. I will always treasure them.

Making Creatures with Nina 09

I have a renewed interest in mixed media . My sister came from California and she and I painted for a week together. Our 1st paintings being these Mythical Creatures. New species made up of parts of animals and plants collaged together.
I`ve been stuck artistically lately and she was able to give me a hand , so to speak, at getting back to it. As with writers getting writer`s block, artist`s get artist`s block and I`ve had it for awhile. Not the end of the world as I`m always looking to see if I`m to evolve.
I made the Red Lion Man and the Swan Boy. She made the Monkey Princess. I`m in the brown shirt she is in the black shirt.
It was great to make art with someone else, and I hope to do it again as soon as possible. We layered paint, collage pics,stamping. Added the creature on top. Most reactions are no reaction to these creatures. Like if you have nothing good to say , say nothing at all. But they were great in opening me up , like opening a window and clearing out the stuffiness in my brain.And they are FUN to make. Made me giggle at the many variations that can be put together and some look goofier than others.

Monkey Princess _ Nina

Swan Boy_Melanee

Red Lion Man