Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Sister Wrote About She & I on her Blog

Voices in My Big Head
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She put into words some of the amazing story she and I have been through in this last wonderful year of our lives. It`s been like nothing I`ve ever experienced. Both of us finding many of our answers to life`s mysteries, and then putting them into practice. It`s been great to have someone to share our experiences with , who understand`s this new way of being.
And art is a major part of the experience. It`s such a great teacher. It`s teaches, self worth, patience, courage, expression, creativity, integrity. It`s a place to be,(in the zone) is what I like to call it. It brings joy and happiness. The colors have just made me so happy, after using mostly historical colors for so many years, which I still like, but I was limiting myself to them. And when Nina came to visit, I was totally open to whatever she had to offer, as she was open to trying to paint in the 1st place, when I asked her about trying art again.I had no resistance, except one point when I thought I couldn`t do it and I wanted to go to bed and quit, and she wouldn`t let me. So many artists work alone, and that`s just been an accepted story, but the movement that seems to be spreading is to make art with others, whether it be in groups, classes, or online groups , friends getting together.
The teachers who teach techniques and share their knowledge are really doing so much more than they will ever know. It`s not a small thing you all are doing when you teach. Planting seeds all over the place that grow into beautiful things and experiences. You have helped my sister and I connect on a level that we might not have gone to if you hadn`t made available the classes you did . I thank you for that. Thank you Nina . I love you.

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Doreen said...

Melanie....your sisters post was so wonderful & inspiring. Your story is one of love and learning. Thank you ever so much for sharing it with us.

Wishing you all the best, Doreen