Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Collages for February

3 Vintage Ladies.
The top half of the ladies are made from old magazine ads from 1897 ,and a photo of very old doll slips,collaged together. Many layers added of glazes of paint and ink. I added zen doodles around the edges to mix the old and the new in an interesting way.

The Power of Love.
The 2nd collage, I used a photo copy of a 17thC. painting and collaged it over some paper with writing on it. The bottom half as shown in the 2nd image down, I grain painted blue over red .Then I painted the sides out to form a skirt. I don`t have a plan when I make my work , I just saw a shirt continuing down from the woman`s waist. I added collage pieces from old books , zen doodles,and many layers and the 3rd image is the finished piece. Again, a mix of old and new,in what I hope is an original look. Both of these collages are for sale at the Harvest Gallery in downtown Williamsport.

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