Saturday, December 19, 2009

Texture Painting -Self Portrait?

I was painting this painting with the idea of the flow coming down from the circle in the upper left hand corner. I had painted it and worked way too many hours on it. But it still wasn`t right. My husband said , just make the next one the way you want it and let it be as is. I hung it and looked at it, and knew for sure it wasn`t right. So I took it back, reworked it and was so pleased with how it came out. I got a thought it should be called Self portrait......I thought how can it be self portrait, what I`m colorful? Nothing like arguing with your source...:-).
I hung it up again but decided I would try the circle in the bottom right corner instead, thinking the drips are falling from the top instead of dripping down. So I`m looking laying down, and my husband is looking too and says, it looks like there`s a person with their arms out,when you tilt your head to the left.
I saw too as he said it. I was so happy , a figure I hadn`t even tried for was there. Then I got the memory of self was me? yes, I recognized it at 1st because I`ve been working out at the gym and looking at the progress of my arms every so often holding my arms out at the sides like the painting. It even flows down to a wide body ,like I have, then goes on to the beautiful circle which I see as my source/God energy which I am connected to .
I saw it as a message of how my source sees me, beautiful , soaring, flying , free, yet connected to it. I was overwhelmed by the experience. What a gift, what an experience . Art =communication.

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Just call me Silly Sal said...

So glad you and Nina hooked up this year. You have both benefited from the art you did together in the summer. A lot of my artist friends make a point to find people or things in their abstract drawings. I'll have to continue looking for them in mine.