Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Textured Abstract Paintings

I made these four 9" x 12" canvas paintings ,to go together on a wall, in any configuration. Bright colors playing off of each other, in an abstract yet balanced way.

This is a section close up. It`s hard to get an exact picture . I made lots of texture first,( very fun!), and then painted for days, about a week and a half I`ve been working on these ......until I got what I was happy with.

Thank you for looking. These are For Sale. Email me if you are interested.


Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh Gosh Mel!!!!!!!! WOW!!! Those are full of Folk art life!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful, I really didnt know you paint!!!!

Nina and/or Ruthie said...

I am so happy you stayed with it. The process of layering and adding more color an be challenging, but so rewarding. I hope you are incredibly proud of yourself, girl! These are stunning! Just gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant and the texture has so much depth. Really great job, Mel. They (and you) make me smile.

Alberta said...

All of your art is lovely! I found you while doing a folk art search on Google, and I really admire your use of color, texture, an naive composition.The work of Teesha Moore and has had a profound influence on my art too, and I'm adding you to my blog roll right now, so I can visit you often. Congratulations on your gallery installation!

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Really like theses. I am going to have to have Nina give me some direction along theses lines after the first of the year. Your color combo's are great. Also, congrats on your work being shown in a gallery!