Friday, February 24, 2012

Art as Medicine

The local hospital in my city has recently built a new section to the hospital. They called for local art from local artists. What a boost for us! They saw the images of my work on this blog and picked the angel. I painted that a few years ago, and told them I would paint something along that line. I was happy how it came out and they liked it too. They opened the hospital wing to the public and my painting is in the waiting area of the radiology department. I asked my intuition what I should name it and Hope Illuminated came to mind. So that`s what it`s named. Turns out the Tower at this addition is called The Tower of Hope. This place would look very sterile if there wasn`t art in it. The art is breaks up the muted colors. I am very thankful for the call for local artist to have an opportunity to make some money and get exposure, and add good energy to the hospital.