Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I joined a really interesting online class called" Complex Collage" . I had taken the Color -Beyond the Basics class and got a lot from that, I thought I`d try this one too. This is my work after taking the 2 classes and applying some of what I learned. If you join either or both classes, tell them Melanee Herrera recommended them.
I found wonderful collage papers at Brushstrokes in Lewisburg,Pa., so I started with the beautiful blue that`s in the background. I had an antique needlebook nearby and I looked at the paper and thought I`d like to use that, so the black areas and the actual needles are in this .This guided how the piece was going to move forward. I added other colors and circles, etc..

I added the groups of circles as an idea of the honeycomb, and the green running down is a resembles honey, but is green. With the needles I wanted an image that had to do with sewing, so in the class they showed how to add this bee to a collage,(or whatever image you prefer. I thought "Sewing Bee", but in a more modern way. Instead of the antique version with women sitting around a quilt sewing, I would make a version of the words. I thought of thread for the needles ,and added thread in a way to remind us of the dances the bees do to communicate to each other. I`m very pleased with how it came out. 20" x 20" copyright 2010 Melanee Herrera All rights reserved.

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Nina and/or Ruthie said...

I thought those were two different paintings! How cool that you turned it upside down to get the look you wanted. Love the "sewing bee" theme, the composition and of course the beautiful colors! I see you learned a lot in the two classes. xoxo