Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I joined a really interesting online class called" Complex Collage" . I had taken the Color -Beyond the Basics class and got a lot from that, I thought I`d try this one too. This is my work after taking the 2 classes and applying some of what I learned. If you join either or both classes, tell them Melanee Herrera recommended them.
I found wonderful collage papers at Brushstrokes in Lewisburg,Pa., so I started with the beautiful blue that`s in the background. I had an antique needlebook nearby and I looked at the paper and thought I`d like to use that, so the black areas and the actual needles are in this .This guided how the piece was going to move forward. I added other colors and circles, etc..

I added the groups of circles as an idea of the honeycomb, and the green running down is a resembles honey, but is green. With the needles I wanted an image that had to do with sewing, so in the class they showed how to add this bee to a collage,(or whatever image you prefer. I thought "Sewing Bee", but in a more modern way. Instead of the antique version with women sitting around a quilt sewing, I would make a version of the words. I thought of thread for the needles ,and added thread in a way to remind us of the dances the bees do to communicate to each other. I`m very pleased with how it came out. 20" x 20" copyright 2010 Melanee Herrera All rights reserved.

Attempt at Faux Encaustic

I was trying to mix mediums to have a faux encaustic look , making it look like it has a film of wax over it. But when I had it all covered it just didn`t do much for me, so I decided to leave some of it covered and some bold. I painted over some areas. I`m pleased with the outcome and I`ll try again with the faux encaustic idea on another piece. 12" x 12" acrylic. copyright Melanee Herrera 2010.