Thursday, June 2, 2011

Unstuck after 6 months!!!

I finally was able to finish a painting after 6 months of trying. I painted but nothing seemed to be going well. I went back to Chaos and Calm -a online class I had joined earlier this year, all the videos were available,I went through the videos very quickly looking for the beautiful colorful paintings they showed in the introduction to the class. The paintings in the background.
I didn`t find the video that taught how to make those exact painting. After throwing a tantrum (privately in my own resistant head) , I saw someone had written the question where are the videos that show how to make those paintings and the answer was , they taught the techniques of how they did them, but not using those paintings. Crap!
It finally dawned on me that the one I really wanted to try was Julie`s drip technique she shows in class 12, and continues in the next 2 videos. Her paintings looked so different from the paintings in the original video, I didn`t even realize that is what it was.
I played the videos over and over until I got somewhat like Chris`s beautiful painting, my version of it. I need to work at the blending some more, but I`m happy with the results. Now after going through the frustration and resistance , I realize the value of having to figure it out myself. Good teachers don`t just give you the answers , they stir up the pot that is our minds, dreg up some of the sediment at the bottom and get things moving and flowing.
I do recommend the Chris Cozen/Julie Prichard online classes. Even though I wish Julie would let us hear what Chris says when she`s painting.I love watching Chris paint. Thank you Chris & Julie for all the work you put in the classes.


Julie said...

What a knock-out, Melanee!! Your persistence paid off for sure..this is fantastic! I am happy to hear that you pushed through it...that makes us so happy.

Funny that you mention Chris...when we are filming, there is background noise, dog barking, music...all sorts of most of what Chris is saying doesn't go with the painting or class at all...BUT we are toying with a new format that you might like...we may roll it out next class.

So fantastic to see this painting today! Thank you!

Melanee said...

It seems like she is talking about things and pointing to the painting sometimes. I always wonder what she`s saying.

I do appreciate all the work you put into the classes. I can`t keep up them all.

Anonymous said...

Melanee...I'm always talking relevant or not! Sometimes I'm pointing out things to Julie about what we need to make note of, sometimes not! Anyhow, it didn't matter as you did a FABULOUS job figuring it out for yourself! I am truly impressed with what you have accomplished here and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and words you offered regarding our classes!

Fiona said...

I love this painting. I did the course too and I just love what you ended up with. Well done

Michelle said...

Just gorgeous - what beautiful, bright colours!

Nina and/or Ruthie66 said...

Wow! This is fantastic, Mel! I hope you're thrilled with it. I'm so glad you kept at it until you got the result you wanted - but better! I love the gorgeous colors and composition. Love you, Neen

Lana said...

Melanee ~ Like everyone else, I'm so glad you persisted! This painting is amazing. I really like the vibrant colors, the whimsical look, and the fine line details. Wonderful work!

Sarah Anderson said...

I saw this over on Julie's blog and just had to come over and say how much I love it! It's the colours and the sprouting greenery :)