Monday, June 2, 2008

Folk Art Needle Punch Piece by Melanee Herrera

Here is a piece I did in needlepunch , a version of an old hooked rug. I`m very attracted to circles, maybe from the years of going around and around in the same place, familiar to me. **smile** This took me 3 weeks of many hours a day, punching each little loop. It lays on my old lift top desk, and my cats are very attracted to needlepunch pieces, love to lay on them. (But I move them off, I love them dearly but they can lay somewhere else just as easily. )
That`s one thing I noticed about many women artists, they have cats.

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Lana said...

oh wow melanee! i love this piece ~ the colors especially and the graphic design. i will have to practice lots more. i can't seem to get the detail that you get in yours. very nice work!