Monday, June 2, 2008

Folk Art Angel Painting by Melanee Herrera

I thought I`d share my 1st finished painting. I have been reading many self help books trying to get free from the negative voice in my mind who tells me nothing I make is any good. Because I wanted it so badly, I kept at it until I found what helps me. That was reading and studying "A New Earth" and "The Power of Now" both by Eckhart Tolle. These books are the answers I was searching so long for. To realize I am not my persona/ego, but something greater than that, we all are.

These truths helped me find my way out of the dark place I was at and into the light of life! This is what came out as my 1st creation after reading the books. I used paper , acrylic paints, and stamped ink. It was very enjoyable to be in the moment and not think about where it will go or what anyone will think or say about it and to turn off the negative inner critic.

I share it with you in hopes it will inspire you and you will step through your fear or excuses, or negative thoughts , whatever is holding you back a try whatever it is you`ve always wanted to try.


PeregrineBlue said...

How could you not believe in yourself? There are people who do NOTHING. Yiou are creating, you are trying, your are loving what you do, you are positive, you are saying YES I CAN. Never doubt yourself. ALL IS GOOD when you are giving something handmade with love. This angel is a keeper, hope you love it as much I did.

Anonymous said...

This painting is BEAUTIFUL! I have the book, havent started it yet..Part of my problem with procrastination. Congrats on a gorgeous first painting, and may many more follow.