Monday, June 2, 2008

Folk Art Cat Needle Punch by Melanee Herrera

I collect old picture frames, not sure why, am so drawn to them. I can get them cheap around here but lately I`ve had to pay a little more so maybe it`s coming to an end, my buying cheap that is. Someone else catches on to their value and then they go too high for me. But I have enough to last the rest of my life . Here is one of the old frames with old paint, I needle punched this folk art cat to fit into it. My own design. Anyone else have a thing for old frames out there?


Dixie Redmond said...

Yes, but I made myself stop buying them. Now I think I'll do it again and get masonite panels cut to the right size for them. Your punch needle pieces are divine, Mel. I love the geometric circles abstract one.

Once Upon A Notion said...

I am excited about this new group. And yes, I to am a frame addict. I had boxes and boxes of them in my studio - but they are in the shed now- no temptation to look at them and start another new project. I'm with Dixie, I love the circle geometric piece!


Lana said...

oh yes! i have a thing for frames too and have tried to be more selective. i am enjoying your new blog melanee!

Louise said...

I used to collect the old faux grained painted frames with bubbly glass, for my samples.
Your Cat design is so folky,
I love it!

Morna said...

I love old frames, too. :-)